CUH Charity

Proceeds from this book will go towards supporting play opportunities for children at Cork University Hospital. Play is how children process their emotions and is a vehicle for learning.

Play is a powerful tool and great for helping children express themselves and use their imagination. It works on their cognitive, emotional and physical wellbeing and gives children a positive experience in hospital. Play gives children a sense of control and autonomy. When they have an opportunity to play, you can really see them empowered again.”

Rachel Griffin, Play Specialist at CUH

Play at CUH can take place at children’s bedsides, in children’s and baby’s rooms, in the hospital playroom, in the CUH classrooms and even in the waiting area at the children’s emergency department. Play can help children learn to cope with being in hospital, giving them confidence and a better sense of what’s going on around them. By purchasing this book, you have contributed to supporting play opportunities for the children at Cork University Hospital.

Thank you for your support.